Happy Birthday on Wednesday to... Ryliann Field!! Happy Birthday to all students having birthdays during summer break!!


Any 7-12 students interested in attending the UNL livestock judging camp June 8-10 in Lincoln, let Mr. Overturf know ASAP. Registration packets are due May 23rd.

Congratulations to Taylor Scholting & Brandon Stoffel Students of the Nine Weeks! Other students receiving recommendations are Sydney Porter, Sam Thompson, Lilly Leathers, Gerardo Aguirre, Haley Kneifl, Trey Stewart, Naille Villafuerte, Sam Good, Delaney Boyer, and Xavier Albanese.

Any Student who wants information on next year's speech and one act season but didn't pick up information can still do so today - just see Mr. Moeller.

7-11 Students: Computer cleaning and check-out will be during English periods on Tuesday, May 17th. Since we have a full day on the 17th, we will be cleaning and checking in all at the same time. Please make sure you have the correct charger that belongs to your computer. If you have lost, damaged or your numbers on your computer and charger do not match, you need to come see Mrs. Kreikemeier to get that squared away. If you do not have your correct items (computer, charger, duck head on the charger, computer bag) during your time of checkout, you will come after everyone else is finished so we can resolve your problem. So in other words, please take care of that right now. I’m guessing you will want to leave right away on your last day so I don’t want to hold you up because of something that could have been done earlier. Thanks!

The late registration deadline for the June 11th ACT is May 20th. Test fee waivers are available for qualifying students. Late fees will apply. Register at

Students... make sure to backup everything that is on your desktop or your documents to google drive or an external flash drive. Computers may be wiped over the summer. Make sure this is done before you turn in your computer TODAY.

Gym Lockers Students with Gym Lockers that are not in a weights class, please remember to clean out your lockers. Anything left in gym lockers at the end of the day on Tuesday will get donated or thrown away. Padlocks may be given to coaches or placed in the basket on the bench. Thank You!

Lunch Balances... as the school year comes to a close we would appreciate all lunch balances being paid to a zero or to have a positive balance. Thank You!!