Happy Birthday today to... Ryliann Field!!

Juniors... remember to turn in your senior shirt money to the front office or you will not receive your shirt!!

Congratulations to Rockney Peck!! who was our District Golf Runner-up and State Qualifier!!

WRESTLERS... If you're planning on going to team camp, please get your camp forms turned in to Coach Dennis as soon as possible. I need them by the end of the day on Thursday. Don't worry about payment yet, just bring me the form filled out. Thanks!!!

The 2020-2021 school year is coming to a close... we would appreciate all lunch balances being paid to a zero or to have a positive balance by the end of the school year. Thank You!!

All Varsity girls uniforms are to be turned in to Mrs. Plagge by Wednesday or you will be fined. Thank you!

All Student Athletes who will be participating in Summer Weights and Conditioning, we will be Pre-Testing Today (May 18th) after school. This will consist of all our Running and Agility tests.

The following jr. high students need to hand in their track uniforms or pay to replace them: Maddy Kubes, Jordyn Gentrup.

Farm to Family food boxes will be available to all at the senior center on Wednesday after lunch.

Computer Cleaning and Check-In: 7th & 8th Grade You will go through the cleaning and checkout process with Mrs. Kreikemeier on Monday and Tuesday. You will be instructed by your teachers when this is going to happen. Please make sure to have your computer and your charger with you all week next week in your bag.9th - 11th grade Make make sure you clean computers and chargers Monday through Wednesday. PLEASE follow the process noted in the library. Checkout sheets will stay in the library in the designated class folder. You WILL NOT check your computer in on Thursday without cleaning it first. Your computers will be checked in on Thursday morning during your English periods. Do not come in prior to that unless you have made arrangements with Mrs. Kreikemeier MAKE SURE ALL DOCUMENTS, MUSIC, PHOTOS ARE SAVED TO ANOTHER DEVICE BECAUSE ALL MACHINES WILL EITHER BE UPDATED OR ERASED OVER THE SUMMER. Also make sure you computer number and your charger number match before you check them in.

The number of library books checked out from grades 7-11 is now down to 33 books. Thank you! Let's get those last few books checked in NOW! Reminder: You are responsible for paying for the replacement copy of your book(s) if it is if not returned, and bills will be mailed home later this week.

NHS Readers: Wednesday - Kayla & Gwen, and Thursday - Ella & Lily. Thank you to all the NHS readers!! Your time spent reading to our kindergarten students is very much appreciated.