Continuity of Learning Plan - 2020-2021

In the event of extended school closures, significant alterations to the school calendar, or individual students requiring quarantine/isolation due to Covid-19, the Continuity of Learning Plan will be utilized to continue instruction and learning for any and all students affected.

Continuity of Learning Plan

Continuity of Learning Plan (Espanol)

Highlights of the Continuity of Learning Plan for 2020-2021

Regardless of whether students are attending school physically or remotely:

  • Attendance will be taken and attendance is required for classes using video conferencing software (i.e., Zoom, Google Meet, etc.)
  • Grades will be taken for assignments and tests, grades will count toward passing/failing, and final grades will go on student transcripts.
  • Students that do not have adequate internet access, or who cannot access Canvas or other required websites/software should contact the High School Office immediately for assistance.
  • Parents/Guardians that wish to see assignments, due dates, announcements, and other course content can sign up for a Canvas "Parent Observer" account; directions are available on the Canvas Information page.

Staff Directory

Jr/Sr High School Office - 402-529-3249

Aric ButterfieldPrincipalEmail
Heather OttOfficeEmail
Kasey AlexanderLanguage ArtsEmail
Andrew BachmanMathematicsEmail
Jarrod BazataSkilled/Technical SciencesEmail
Karrie BodwellBusinessEmail
AJ BurkiSocial StudiesEmail
Brad CornellSocial StudiesEmail
Clint DennisInstrumental MusicEmail
Craig DennisPhysical EducationEmail
Leigh Ann GlaubiusMedia SpecialistEmail
Jacob KasikArtEmail
Alison KlutheScienceEmail
Bonnie KreikemeierTechnologyEmail
Marci LudwigSpecial EducationEmail
Alexis McClureEnglish LearnersEmail
Caitlin MeyerMathematicsEmail
Gregg MoellerLanguage ArtsEmail
Wade OverturfAgricultureEmail
Joan PlaggeScienceEmail
Leah PolacekSpecial EducationEmail
Jason PolkBusiness / Activities DirectorEmail
Lia RaabeSpanishEmail
Emily ReeseSchool CounselorEmail
Terri SampsonScienceEmail
Keith SchroetlinMathematicsEmail
Lori SchutteLanguage ArtsEmail