The Foundation at a Glance

The Wisner-Pilger Community Schools Foundation is a non-profit, tax exempt organization incorporated in 1988 to provide new and improved educational opportunities for the benefit of students, teachers, employees, and residents of School District 30. It is a community-based and directed support organization, created to enrich the offerings in our public schools.

District 30 has a tradition of providing a strong, sound educational program for this community. The WISNER-PILGER COMMUNITY SCHOOLS FOUNDATION provides a vehicle for contributing directly to the continuance of excellence for our community and children.

What are the Stated Purposes of the Foundation?

The Foundation operates on a not-for-profit basis, exclusively for charitable or educational purposes, including the following:

  1. To promote and support the continuing improvement of the educational program offered by School District 30.
  2. To provide new, improved educational opportunities for the benefit of students, teachers, residents, and employees of District 30.
  3. To recognize excellence and outstanding contributions to the educational program of District 30.
  4. To provide facilities to the public schools for the vocational training and instruction of its students in the operation and management of various businesses.

What Happens to the Funds?

Principal Assets stay in Foundation Unless Otherwise Provided. All gifts and bequests given to the Wisner-Pilger Community Schools Foundation remain in the Foundation Endowment with only the interest from Foundation assets used for continuing educational excellence for the children and communities.