ERATE 470 FORM #443550001342232 REQUEST


Wisner-Pilger Public Schools (WPPS) is seeking proposals for the upcoming Funding Year 15-16 round of E-Rate. WPPS is soliciting proposals for the purchase and installation of network electronics for a proposed building addition. All services are to be completed within the guidelines and regulations for local, state, and the federal E- rate program.


  • Network Switches, Wireless Access Points, Ethernet Network Cabling (CAT 6) to classrooms, Fiber to Network DF points OR CAT 6, One Equipment Rack

WPPS aims to use the latest Wireless Access Points utilizing POE gigabit Ethernet or better hardware throughout the district for ERATE bidding. The district includes one building with three schools, Wisner-Pilger Elementary, Wisner-Pilger Middle School and Wisner-Pilger High School.

The RFP reflects the current proposed services requested on the Erate 470 form for the new addition. The proposal embodies a new facility connected to the Wisner-Pilger High School to house the Wisner-Pilger Middle School and Wisner-Pilger Elementary School, 801 18th, Wisner, NE, 68791.

A drawing of the proposed addition is included in this RFP.

WPPS wishes to take advantage of E-Rate funding discounts.
The successful bidder(s) will be responsible for qualifying for and adhering to the Federal E-Rate program. Items not eligible for E-Rate must be itemized in the bid. Prices must be held firm for the duration of the E-Rate Year. These projects and services depend on partial funding from the E-rate program and should be completed within the funding year.

  • Applicant expects each Service Provider to make themselves thoroughly familiar with any rules or regulations regarding the E-rate program.
    • All contracts entered into as a result of this RFP will be contingent upon the specific funding of the FRN at the percentage rate submitted.
  • The maximum percentage the Applicant will be liable for is the pre-discount amount minus the funded amount or ineligible portion as shown on the form 471 Block 5.
  • In the event of questions during the E-Rate PIA review process, the successful vendor is expected to reply within 3 days to questions associated with their proposal.
    • The contractor is responsible for providing a valid SPIN (Service Provider Identification Number) at the time the bid is submitted.
  • Any potential bidder found to be in Red-Light Status will be disqualified from participation in the bidding process and will be considered non-responsive.
    • Vendor understands that they may be asked to work around school schedules to avoid impacting classroom or busy office times.

The Applicant reserves the right to deny any or all proposals associated with this RFP, even with SLD funding approval. Applicant reserves the right to consider existing piggyback, open RFP, open 470, etc....

Failure to follow the above criteria and requirements may be considered grounds for disqualification.

Proposals must be submitted in writing to our office location noted below. Bid closing shall be on or after March 26th, 2015. Bid awards will be made on or before March 26th, 2015.

Chad Boyer - Superintendent Wisner-Pilger Public Schools 801 18th
Wisner, NE, 68791 Telephone: 402-529-3248

All walkthrough appointments must be scheduled a minimum of 24 hours in advance with Superintendent, Chad Boyer. Non scheduled walkthrough requests will not be allowed.

This proposal shall be broken down into two options:

  1. 1. Full network wiring proposal (materials, and labor) to include:
    1. Vendor to propose and coordinate configurations with WPPS prior to installation, in order to provide a "turn-key" installation.
    2. Perform and demonstrate a verification of network connectivity and functionality.
    3. Verify access to the Internet and to WPS resources
    4. Provide proposed coverage map and post install verification of coverage.
    5. All network wire should be Category 6 rated or better with compliant Category 6 accessories used, i.e. all patch panels are Category 6 rated and the RJ45 termination ends should be Category 6 rated.
    6. Bid should include pricing for both fiber optic and Category 6 rated wiring between new addition and current facility.



Each wireless access point should have a dual radio (antenna) design. Each access point should be able to provide at minimum 802.11a/b/g/n standards within the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. Each access point should have at least one gigabit uplink port. Each access point should be able to provide 4 or more BSSID. Each access point should have the ability to be managed by a central system. Each access point should be compatible with current system.


Must have such design to integrate seamlessly with existing head-end and downstream equipment. MDF must have port density and fiber connectivity to support all IDF’s and administrative users. All services must cover all classrooms, labs, library, and administrative buildings. All switches must be scalable to at least Gigabit, and POE+. All switches must be compatible with current district equipment.


Rack equipment needs to be standard and compatible with current equipment.

Evaluation Procedures

The evaluation will be performed by the district administration for services proposed. The evaluators will consider how well the vendor's proposed solution meets the needs and criteria set forth in the fair and competitive bidding process using the below matrix. It is important that bids be itemized, clear, and complete so that the evaluators can adequately understand all aspects of the proposal. The decision to award shall be posted on the district’s website and the winning bidder shall be contacted directly by the district. No other notices shall be made. All inquires concerning the winning bid documentation must be made in writing and submitted by US postal service and at the expense of the requesting entity. Any proprietary information may be redacted by the vendor.

Evaluation Scale for Network Wiring Proposal

Factor Weight
Price of Eligible Goods and Services 30%
Qualifications 25%
Prior Experience 25%
Distance from District 10%
Bill Methods 5%
E-rate Experience 5%

Wisner-Pilger Request for Proposal